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Eliminate Spreadsheets

Staffing+ gives users the flexibility to create almost any structure imaginable with none of the drawbacks of spreadsheet-based approaches to staffing.

It eliminates common errors such as incorrect cell ranges in formulas, data-entry in formula-based cells, circular references, broken links between workbooks, and outdated workbook versions. Staffing+ does away with the back-and-forth of spreadsheet revisions, creating a seamless exchange of information captured from all relevant users.

Increases Transparency, Accountability, and Accuracy

Staffing+ takes the guesswork out of staffing allocations through an algorithm that fills out your classrooms using current Ministry of Education and District guidelines.

The user-friendly interface and quick reporting capabilities streamline staffing allocation, data collection and analysis, and make it easy to verify the accuracy of the data being used.

Individualized Results

No two schools are the same. Staffing+ is able to generate staffing allocations based on enrolment projections and programs offered at a school that are tailored to an individual school’s needs. With accurate lists, you will know well in advance when you need to hire new staff.

Cost and Time Savings

Staffing+ helps you streamline the enrolment process, reducing your budget so it can be allocated into other high-priority programs.  Staffing+ reduces the time it takes to design, revise, and complete your staffing plans – meaning you can start earlier and finish sooner.

The emphasis on real time information lets you create a staffing plan that supports district priorities and creates contingencies for required last minute changes.

Selective Access to Data

Keep things organized and ensure that everyone is on task. Administrations can define which individuals have access to specific data. As new data is added, relevant users will be able to see the changes and react accordingly.

Satisfy Collective Agreements

Collective agreements change after each negotiation. Staffing+ stays up to date with the latest collective agreements. This allows you to create staffing lists that are compliant with any requirements your board may have.

Ease of Access

Access the data you need most, whenever you need it. Staffing+ uses cloud technology to simplify access. Your team members can quickly access and modify existing information whenever required.


Futureproof your staffing systems through the use of a platform that’s always up to date, doesn’t rely on outdated excel sheets, and one that any member of your staff can interact with when creating staffing and enrolment solutions.


Staffing+ makes it easy for you to enter your data. Our flexible platform is perfect for schools and district departments. Every member of the process, from principals to superintendents, can access, review, and modify data with nothing more than an Internet connection. Set which information you want to collect, create reports, and stay on top of your school projections and other essential reports.

You can easily define the information that needs to be collected for your District including enrolments, factors that drive formulas, and statistics for analysis. You also define where the information is collected and who provides it, with the ability to create multiple levels of delegation where necessary.

Make Real-Time Changes

Staffing+ lets you make real-time changes through our cloud-based platform. All changes are immediately visible to individuals with the right permissions. You can easily collaborate, update, and modify your systems, guaranteeing integrity, accessibility, and accuracy.

See Today. Plan for Tomorrow.

The optimal solution for managing your staffing allocation
and reporting needs.