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We work with you to create a project plan that aligns with your needs based on where you are in the staffing cycle.

You don’t have a lot of time to support the implementation of a new software product, so we provide the resources needed to minimize your initial time investment to get Staffing+ up and running for your school district. We utilize your existing data to set up the system, and run it parallel to your existing processes. That way you can validate that it will produce the results you need.

Here’s what you get:

  • Access to experienced implementation specialists
  • Flexible project plans to address varied situations
  • Focus on developing client’s self-sufficiency
  • On-site and web-based instructor-led training programs


Our business philosophy focuses on client satisfaction. We provide all of our clients with the support they need.

During implementation, we focus on making you a Staffing+ expert. And whenever you need help, the Staffing+ support team is there for you. Our support services provide you with:

  • Personal support relationships
  • Standard e-mail, telephone, and web-based support
  • Personalized follow-up training as needed

Hosting (On-Demand)

We offer Staffing+ as a hosted application service, making it an even more affordable way to advance your district’s staff planning process. Here are a few advantages:

  • No capital investment for our clients
  • Virtually no technical support time and costs
  • Dedicated servers in a secure facility
  • Support personnel on call 24/7

Local Install (On-Premises)

Staffing+ is also available as a locally installed application. Contact us for requirements and associated costs.

  • Integration with your existing network (single sign-on)
  • Direct connection to your operational and planning systems


The needs of your schools are always changing. We can help you manage the organizational and technical changes that you encounter.  Our experience implementing Staffing+ has exposed us to almost every scenario imaginable. You can rely on our consulting services to help you improve the processes used in your schools.

  • Led by planning and staffing specialist, Tim Uyl
  • Relationships with school district staffing and planning executives
  • Insights into real-world solutions to meet various challenges

See Today. Plan for Tomorrow.

The optimal solution for managing your staffing allocation
and reporting needs.